April - July 2019


UI/UX Design, Branding


Lennart Kramp


Companion2Go is a German Start-Up that focuses on inclusion of disabled people. It relies on a special regulation where every disabled person can invite a person that helps him to travel or visit events for free.


App Store Graphics

One of the task was to do App Store graphics for their new app. I decided to split the content into 6 slides to give the user the best idea on how the app is working. The first slides also show the main benefits that the users will get from the app. Save money and spend quality time together.

App Store Graphics

In the last four slides the concept behind the app is shown. At first you choose an event to go to. Then you find other persons that also want to visit the event. Then you choose a partner and chat where you want to meet etc. In the end you can evaluate your experience together.

Other tasks

I also got the oppertunity to do a photo shooting with one of the founders for their social media acoounts and the use in the app. We even got to improve their branding a bit and play arround with some UI/UX design.