April - July 2020


Fashion Festival Trailer


Lennart Kramp, Nik Wurzenberger


This case is about the festival trailer for the fictional fashion festival „Restaurante“. In the module postproduction and film we had the task to create a one minute festival trailer with title animations. Each group of 1 to 3 students got their own briefing with different fictional brands. In our case we decided to develop a dark, vintage looking scenery through the location of an lost place to match the briefing. We wanted to create a unique and unusual approach to the topic of fashion.



We started by defining our idea and the look of the film by creating moodboards of films that we thought would match the briefing. Further in the process we developed a storyboard to help us while shooting to not miss an important shot. We even created animatics out of the storyboard to help music and planned scenes to perfectly match.


On the day of the shoot the conditions looked perfect. Even though we shot the scenes in late May the weather was cloudy and mystical. Perfect for our planned scenes. The location was an old colliery in the middle of germany. Not easy to get in but it was totally worth it to get these industrial, dark, moody scenes.

Post Production

While editing the film we used different techniques to get this dark, cold look. The grading was essential. We even implemeted halation as seen in old movies shot on film to make the experience even more realistic. Because of the strong visuals we decided to keep the cut and text effects pretty basic. We are proud of our final film.

Final Product